Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Today in NOTL:  Warm with scant breezes, our high today 81F/27C with rain expected later.

You have to wonder about people.

We enjoyed a lovely visit this week with our friends Stacy and Diana. Good company, lots of laughs, you know how it goes when friends visit.

As the conversation ebbed and flowed, talk turned to movies and Stacy recommended some movie or other to me, which I rejected as one that would make me cry.  She denied that it was a sad movie, but I explained that movies needn't be sad to make me cry.

Which brought up the infamous Big story.  You may have seen the Tom Hanks movie, Big.  My sister loved the movie and urged me to see it.  "It's a comedy," she told me.  "I know how you love comedies."  Trusting her, I watched the movie - and cried from start to finish.  I found it incredibly poignant.

I was right, too.  Just last week, channel surfing, I stopped on a show that looked interesting only to find myself getting verklempt.  "What is this rot?" I thought, checking the online tv guide.  Big!  I knew that movie was sad!

Anyway, I explained all this to Stacy, who shared that she had cried at Toy Story 3. "Kids' movies are the worst,' I agreed, and she warned me not to watch TS3, as it has a sad part. I figured it would; those movies always do.

But Stacy was driven by the memory of that movie.  Knowing I would never watch Toy Story 3, she began recounting the scene in which the toys end up on a conveyor belt to an incinerator and, being moved to their destruction, clasp each other's hands in solidarity.  As soon as she began speaking, I knew what was coming would not be good.  "Stop, stop!" I said.  "Don't tell me or you'll have me in tears!"  I was already tearing up.

Too late.  Having begun the tale, choking back tears, she continued.  Hardly able to speak, she finished the story, clasping her hands as the toys had in the movie.  "No!  Stop stop!" I begged her frantically, dabbing my eyes.

But no.  She was gulping, I was gulping, the tissues were flying.  Across the room, however, I looked up to see both Diana and Deborah convulsing with laughter.  Deb's face was red with suppressed howls and Diana was shamelessly laughing aloud as Stacey and I fought to control our sobs.

Which brings me to my point.  You really have to wonder about folks...

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