Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm late, I'm late!!

Today in NOTL:  Rainy, grey, and chilly, with a 4:30 p.m. temp of only 50F/10C...brr!

What a great day.  I finished the rosary for the friend of a friend.  OMG, it was sooo sparkly I had trouble focusing on my hail mary's as I worked!  I guess it might sound a bit...unreligious...to get off on the sparkle and beauty of rosary beads, but I figure, who made that beauty in the first place?  Or gave me the gift of sight to appreciate it?  Sackcloth and ashes...not for this girl.  Give me a bit of flash! ;)

I have enough beads to make both a pink rosary and a gorgeous golden one as well.  I'm going to do those next, and hopefully they'll find homes!

This is a rosary for a friend of Ms. C.G.  I love it - you can't tell, but it sparkles like nobody's business - those are aurora borealis turquoise crystals.  These are Swarovski, but I would like to try a differenct Czech maker sometime...

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