Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Busy Critters

Today in NOTL:  Chilly, with a hight today of 55F/13C under sunny7 skies with a light breeze. 

I suppose autumn is well and truly upon us. The squirrels are moving quickly, and the sparrows are scolding each other as they vie for seedy tidbits.  I want to tell them not to worry, that we'll feed them through the winter, but I don't think they understand English, lol.  No worries - the excitement probably keeps them warmer as the days grow cooler. 

Outside my window, a few people stride along.  They're bundled against the cold and I see that almost all of them are wearing earpieces, listening to music or the radio, I imagine. I've been enjoying its absence lately. 

It isn't that I dislike music; I love it.  Still, it's nice to hear the birds outside, along with the occasional bark of a client visiting the veterinary clinic across the way.  It's music of a sort, too, accompanied by the hum of cars passing by and the rhythmic swish of the dishwasher in the kitchen. 

I can't hear a single voice, only quiet sounds.  That is peaceful, too, a lovely background to the yellow leaves drifting past that add to the show as I sip my hot coffee. 

It will be a busy day, I know.  Deb has a party this weekend - hooray!  Here's hoping for lots more! - so we'll be getting things ready for it.  I'll finish the red rosary today and hopefully get it uploaded.  Time to get moving...

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