Thursday, November 11, 2010

Teeny tiny itty bitty eeeeeny weeeeny ART!

Today in NOTL:  Blue skies, sunshine, and warmer temps today, with a high of 56F/11C and hardly a breeze outside.  Gorgeous!

Well, after my groaning attempts to get back into acrylics yesterday, I am in need of artsy self-esteem building, so today I will be back at miniature watercolours.  Gosh I love doing watercolour minis!  This time I'm making teeny pendants to wear or use for holiday ornaments.  We have lots of small Christmas trees, so we'll have them all on display for Saturday's official opening of the showroom space.  If you have a shop or are considering a party or just want to do some shopping for fabulous holiday gifts at bargain prices, stop in from 11a.m. - 6 p.m. and say hello!

We are getting feedback from the ladies who purchased items at the conference Deb did last weekend and it is such an affirmation.  We know the pieces are unique and one of a kind originals; the ladies who wrote said the same thing.  One woman reported the admiring comments she received as she wore her bracelet; the other said the friend for whom she'd purchased a gift was blown away by its beauty and artistry.

That's what makes craft shows and artisan shops so popular, I think.  People want to give gifts that are something other than whatever is on the shelf in every store across the country.  They want to give something that speaks to the relationship they share with the person who receives the gift.  They want to give something the person will not only receive with thanks but will delight them again and again, something the person will remember.

So many times we end up giving gifts that get forgotten.  'What did Veronica give you for Christmas last year?' someone may ask, and our eyes widen as we realize we have no idea. Or we'll look at something we own and say, "I think I got that for Christmas...from....from..." and we can't recall.

What we want to give is something unforgettable.  We want the person to think, when they put on the bracelet or pendant or angel or whatever, "Veronica's gift."  We want the person to wear it with pride and to say, "Oh, thank you!  My friend Veronica found this - isn't it beautiful!" when people admire it.  We want our gift to be a continual source of pleasure for our friends, because their friendship is a continual delight for us.

And that's what Deb's fabulous bracelets are - not only stunning, but unique and delightful eye-catching beauties.  The same is true of her angels and crosses and everything we offer, I hope, because each piece is made with joy and filled with the happy energies of appreciation and blessing.

Anyway, we're going to have light refreshments - yummies! - as well as good company and I'll be on hand to do mini-readings, which are always fun.  We hope to see a lot of new and old friends.  If you're in the area - or just like the idea of a day trip to shop and chat - come by!  We'll be delighted to see you!

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