Thursday, January 13, 2011

Prayer Power

Today in NOTL: Cold and cloudy with light snow, our high today 8F/-7C.  Lotta snow on the ground but clear roads.

Such encouraging news about Congresswoman Giffords this morning - that she opened her eyes, touched her husband's ring when asked.  She is doing so well, after such a devastating injury.   Most people would never have made it to surgery; what makes her situation different?

Yes, we know about her intern's valuable help and the excellent team she had.  We understand how much worse the wound to the head could have been.  Still, though, most people with her injury would not have survived.  What makes her different?

One thing we've heard about this admirable woman, over and over, is that she is a very positive person.  She looks for the good, we are told.  Moreover, she is a person of commitment to the principles of justice and responsibility.  To me, that spells deep spirituality.  I don't know or care about her religious beliefs; we know lots of religious folks who could pass for the antiChrist. 

This woman, Rep. Giffords, is spiritual: she is connected to Love and that connection expresses through  her uplifted outlook and her dedication to not just Democrats but ALL her constituents.  Love doesn't play sides, you see, and neither does she.  Love is strong; so is she.  Her connection to spirit, to Love, is a powerful support to her recovery.

Also, she has people around the world praying for her.  Prayer is powerful, too.  Positive loving energy, focused and directed onto a common goal, has tremendous power.  It changes things in often amazing ways. 

This is one reason the Angel Ladies remember our friends, family, clients, customers, and benefactors in our prayers throughout every day.  I say 'throughout' - on a busy day, we may pray only morning, noon, and night; on slower days, we may pray seven or eight times.  Regardless of the number, though, each time we do, we remember our - let's lump them together as friends. *s*

We pray for your highest, happiest and best.  We pray overall for your highest, happiest and best health, wealth, and life.  We believe that is part of our ministry.  We believe that the prayer technique we use when we do prosperity workshops is one reason people see results.  It's not the only reason, of course - you have to practice the skills and techniques we teach - but it's an important one.

Prayer does create and support change.  When we say to a friend, 'I'll say a prayer for you,' we are offering a gift.  When we hold each other in heart as we connect to divine Love, we give each other a gift of priceless value.  Today, we will pray for you.  We hope you will pray for us and our ministry as well. 

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