Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today in Niagara-on-the-Lake:  Cold and cloudy, with a high of 27F/-2C and a few flurries expected.

This morning we were discussing the story behind the movie, The King's Speech.  The writer had been given permission from Queen Mary, the wife of George VI, to make the movie provided that he waited till after her death.  Little did he know that would occur some 27 years later!  But he was faithful.  I find that more inspiring than the story of the king's stutter, actually.

I was quite pleased that I knew George VI's wife had been the Queen Mum, not having been reared with familial interest in the doings in Buckingham Palace.  George VI took the throne after his brother, Edward VIII, abdicated to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson.  Being American, that much I knew, lol.

Talk turned to the romance of Edward and Wallis - the woman for whom a man gave up the crown.  Talk about romance!  Deb noted the difference between him and Prince Charles, who noted he wanted to be Camilla's tampon.  Where has nobility gone??

Channel surfing yesterday, I caught part of Maury, a daytime talk-show.  I had thought that it was a cut above the Springer show, which capitalizes on the lack of class and decorum one finds among some people - the ones who lack proper upbringing, education, and refinement.  However, the few minutes I caught consisted of Maury reading paternity test results.

Apparently a fellow had fathered his lady's two children, despite some confusion as to whether his brother was dad of the younger one.  He ranted a bit about what a slut she was, while embracing his brother.  Apparently he felt it was ok for his brother to be with his lady, just not ok for the lady to say yes.  

Next up was a fellow who'd apparently impregnated a whole gang of women, as they'd said he had to his denial.  His fiancee, undaunted by the prospect of marriage to a man who was so indiscriminate as to have six children by five women, began to rush the stage in a yelling match NOT with the scumbag she'd agreed to marry but with the women he'd used and abused - !

I am appalled by the glorification of coarseness and crass behaviour I see on tv. Saturday Night Live had some black singer last week, and the dancers were just - disgusting.  More disgusting was the way he behaved, some stupid male-supremacy pantomime I suppose.

Why do women and girls tolerate this sort of thing?  I understand lack of self-esteem, but I can't believe women gain esteem from men like the zeroes I've seen on such tv.  *shudder*

Yesterday I spent time making mini-pendant watercolours only to discover I have run out of the pendants for the mini paintings!  Argh.  Back to it today, this time making watercolours for the pendants I HAVE!!!  Will have pics tomorrow!

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