Thursday, April 8, 2010

A New Perspective

Well, supper is cooking, I officiated at weddings for two very lovely couples and their respective entourages this afternoon and life seems a little less stressful tonight.  Jean is still coughing, but she is noticably better.  And, it has stopped raining too.

After this morning's pity party, I remembered the most important way to deal with "brain scream."  Take action.  Do something.  Even if all you can manage is a conditional leap of faith, it shifts the energy. So, I cleaned the living room for two hours.  And, gave the rest to God.  Left it on the voicemail for when God returned from Miami.

So, I heard back from a wedding couple that had phoned last month.  They were ready to make a deposit.  A cheque arrived in the mail.  We got a lead on a $50 lawn mower.

And so, as the lovely smell of meatloaf wafts from the kitchen, I am feeling quite peaceful and content.  Things are still pressing and there is a ton of work ahead, but, it can wait till the morning.  I think a nice movie with Jean  is in the cards.  She could use the company. And now that I am in a happier frame of mind, she'll probably welcome me and my DVD. :)

Peace, out.

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