Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Ebb and Flow...

I'm watching the arrival of Spring in Niagara.  A week ago the trees were skeletal and while there were some crocuses colouring up the gardens, it still looked very much like post-winter scruff out there.

Today, as I look out from this wonderful panoramic office, I see green on every branch as leaves begin to expand and unfurl.  The Magnolia across the street is about to burst.  The fruit trees and ornamental trees are blossoming.  Daffodils are neon against the dark ground.  And the lawns are greening and growing. Ahhh, Spring.

I love this time of year.  I appreciate the delicate colours and the way that everything just knows how to thrive and stretch and be so very beautiful.  It speaks to me of cycles and intuitive processes set into perpetual motion.  And we are all a part of that.  We are part of growing and evolving and becoming ever more beautiful.

This new life and rebirth has a more poignant meaning for me this year.  With the move, we are uprooting ourselves and setting down in a new place.  Goodbyes and hellos. 

I know there are times like this in everyone's life.  What have you said goodbye to?  What have you embraced?  Often as we let go and let the path unfold it leads to a place of greater beauty and understanding. IT begins with the willingness to reach out and say hello.  What does that mean for you today?

I am ready to let go of this house and the unfinished dreams.  I trust that our new place means a bright new beginning. Divine Timing. Possibilities and potential.  Yes, something good is coming.  I wish the same for you, too!

Back to the boxes...

Have a wonderful day, everyone.

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