Saturday, April 10, 2010

Up With the Chickens

Well, after yesterday's dismal cold and SNOW, it is a beautiful bright day here in NOTL.  Everywhere you look there are more and more signs of spring as colour returns to the landscape.

I was up early to visit the liquor store.  Wait, that isn't like it sounds.  Saturday morning, they put out the boxes for recyling and so, it is a great way to get strong boxes with lids. 

Jean is still under the weather and is resting.  I think she has come to the conclusion she is dealing with bronchitis - which she gets a few times a year when it is allergy season.  She is feeling miserable and just wants to sleep, so I am packing up the craft cupboard up here in the office and listening to smooth jazz.

I'll miss this room.  It is an old sunporch and so has panaoramic windows on three sides.  I can see busy Queen St to my right, people passing by in front and down towards the lake.  I watch the horse and carriages amble by, lovers holding hands, families bouncing along, neighbours walking their dogs.  The new office overlooks the driveway...  *sigh*

It has been delightful to live in Old Town, but we are ready for a new adventure.  There is a lovely big backyard at the new place which older son Simon is anxious to tame.  Apparently, there are some very nice gardens that need some TLC.

Time to make a cup of tea and tape up the boxes that I have loaded so far.  Such a feeling of accomplishment!

Hope you are enjoying your day,

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