Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Today in NOTL:  Cold and freezing, with our temps right at 32F/0C.  A bit breezy, as well.

So, are you cookied out?  I don't think it's possible, personally, but all good things must come to an end and so no more cookies for a while, I think.  Maybe it's time for 24 days of diet tips!  NOT.

As we move into a new year, I am thinking about resolutions.  I don't usually make them, in fact I pretty much never do.  Change can be scary enough without creating more, huh?  And yet...this year I'm really feeling a need to take the reins of my life in a more focused way, to run my life instead of it running me.  I'm not sure what that means for my 2011, but I'll be working on it.

Yesterday was the first anniversary of my father's death.  I spent time thinking about him, remembering, talking to him in spirit.  I know that on the other side, they look upon their lives with us in understanding and compassion; it's harder for us, I think.

As a teen, I butt heads with my dad a lot.  Both of us stubborn, both with strong opinions, both bright enough to offer a good debate...Dad always laughed and called it mental exercise or discussion, but being an emotional teenager, I would get angry.  I always walked a tightrope in that he frustrated the daylights out of me...and even as I groaned, I respected his integrity and intelligence and shared his sense of humour.

As a young woman, I was lucky enough to travel with Dad twice, once to Mexico City and once to Miami Beach.  Both times, I took advantage of a free ticket to his company's convention - Mama had gone with him many years via train, bu when the company decided members must fly, she balked, being terrified of flying.

Despite our history of head-butting, though, both trips were utterly delightful.  Dad was a fun and courteous companion.  Both us being interested in the history of the cities we visited, there were no disagreements over which sights to see or locations to visit.  We talked and talked and it was good.

(OMG, as I'm typing the tv is on.  An ad for some Michael Jackson cd just aired, with the voice-over intoning, 'The greatest music of all time.'  Really??  Michael Jackson??  of ALL time?  I wouldn't even consider his work the greatest music of OUR time, although it'd certainly rank up in the top echelon of pop, I would think.  But of ALL time?  Sheesh.)

Anyway, it was nice to think of those trips and how lovely it was that we had the time together.  I love you, Dad.

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