Thursday, September 9, 2010

Necklaces and Bracelets and Parties, Oh My!

Today in NOTL:  Chilly day!  At nearly-1 p.m., it's only 61F/16C, with a projected high of only 64F/18C with a little rain possible later today.  Passers-by are wearing light jackets and sweaters, so it must be Autumn!

Working hard today getting ready for Deb's party on Sunday.  I have been promising pictures of the necklaces, but it's been a a comedy of errors, lol.

First, Deb had to find the time to take them!  Then she had to upload them, which took more time.

Then she had to send them to me, which she did.  That's where the errors come in, lol.  I am not the puter-savviest lady I saved them, as I had to do in order to upload them here.

Then I lost them, so Deb had to resend them, so I could reupload them and now show them to you!  Here they are!!!  Whew!

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