Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Whoohoo Wednesday!

Today in Notl:  A little cloudy, a little humid, a little cool, with a high today of 68F/20C.

 Well, so much happens so quickly around here.  For years, I have known that Deb is intuitive and have urged her to read for people.  She rarely does, I suspect partly from a desire not to compete with me and partly from the challenge of seeing herself as reader.  She has done readings at parties, etc, and both with me and for me on occasion, and she is very good.  I always felt that she just needed to find her niche, the particular way in which her gift would receive expression.

Well, an odd thing happened today.  I've been seeing Deb create the beautiful angel pendants she makes and heard her say things like, "This one wants to be a cellphone charm; it likes to have fun" or 'This one wants to be close to its person; I think I'll make it a necklace."

Finally, today, it hit me:  THIS is Deb's niche.  She works with the Angels as she makes each pendant, then she listens to them as she decides how to use them...I asked her if she could use the pendants to get information from Angels, and she got quiet, and - bingo!

She was a little surprised, but yup, she hears the angels speak through the pendants.  "Yes, but what is it I'm doing?" she asked.  "It's not the same as the readings you do, where people bring their questions and so on..."

We got quiet and invited the Angels to give us more information and they did.  Deborah's niche is Angel Amulet Readings.  The word 'amulet' comes from the Latin and means something that gives protection, and Angels certainly do that.  In a flash, we understood.  Clients will choose their angel, then in a short, 15-minute reading Deborah will share the message that angel brings them.  The client will receive the angel they chose on a simple black cord knot so they can wear it or hang it in their homes or cars.  Cost is $45 and includes the blessed amulet and cord.
Like my readings, Angel Amulet readings will be available by phone.

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