Monday, September 27, 2010

Some People!

Today in NOTL:  Gorgeous day!  At noon, we're just about at our high of 63F/17C, with breeezes and clouds.  Rain later...and showers of yellow leaves till then!

Some people ... are just too sweet for words!  Yesterday, someone posted a rude comment to something I'd said online.  I hadn't realized that, as I'd left the site to do other work. This happens occasionally; the worldwide web is a biiiiig place and you get all kinds, and some are 'trolls' who seemingly delight in being ugly, rather like bullies who are spoiling for a fight.

Suddenly, my yahoo Instant Messenger popped up: a friend was concerned.  Then the telephone rang: it was another friend, calling long distance to make sure I was ok.  When I went to the site, there was a private message waiting for me, expressing sympathy for the rudeness directed toward me, and other messages doing the same.  

I was bowled away by it all.  How fortunate am I, that people who've never met me in person care enough to go out of their way to express their affection and concern for me!  Amazing!

I guess it all goes to show that even the ugly parts of life bring us a gift, if we will only see it.

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