Monday, August 16, 2010

Ahhhhh, Summertime!

Today in NOTL:  A glorious sunny day, with 11:30 a.m. temps only 75F/24C with nice low (below 70% humidity) and a sweet breeze outside.  Our high this afternoon is still in the fabulous range, only 77F/25C and that nice low humidity stays with us.  What a great day!

It was fun doing the BlogTalkRadio show this morning, but I think we're a bit punchy from late nights working.  Between Deb's bracelets and my miniature watercolour pendants, we've been busy - and we don't really want to stop.  Is creating always fun?  We're sure having fun, anyway.

I've been working on abstracts, I'll call them 'attempted abstracts,' lol.  I don't just want to splash paint around, though, so I've been working on themes.  I started with springtime and growth and worked in greens and yellows with bits of purple for spirit and pink for love...then thought about challenge and worked in deep dark blues with splashes of pale blue and vibrant red.  I'll try to upload one or two so you can see, but the blues are hard to scan.

Making the pendants has moved ATCs (artist trading cards, 2.5x3.5 artworks on heavy paper or cardstock) to the back burner a bit for me, but that took a left turn recently.  I sometimes get little bits and bobs in the mail, small gifts of artworks or pretty images to use on ATCs and so on.  I got a couple of playing cards a bit ago, and there is no way I would dream of sticking other images onto them or cutting them up to use in new ATCs - they're too cool!

Which got me started on yet another collection:  playing cards!  I've been looking all over for old playing cards with images on the reverse and have almost ten already!  The nice thing about cards is that you can fit a whole lotta decks in a suitcase - which is my criteria for collecting these days.  The last thing I need is a collection that takes up every shelf in every bookcase or curio in the house!

I'm asking for help to build my collection.  If you have unused playing cards - new, used, incomplete sets, whatever - with pictures on them, I'd love to have them!  Visit the website or email us for the mailing address!

And I hope your week is off to a great start (I have to keep reminding myself it's MONDAY - the weather is so lovely, it puts me into *such* a Friday mood that I keep forgetting!)

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