Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday!

Today in NOTL:  Muggy City today, with noonish temps at 84F/29C, rising to 86F/30C with fair humidity (75-80% range).  Thunderstorms on the way, I gather, this evening through tomorrow.  Yay!

Wow is all I have to say...  One of our friends came over yesterday for hypnosis -I love doing hypnosis and I'm good at it, if I say so as shouldn't ;) - and she said she was bringing Deb some costume jewellery she doesn't wear.  Sounded like fun, eh?

OMG.  I was thinking plastic or maybe glass beads, yay, to help with the jewellery making, but no.  Freshwater pearl strands and *hyperventillating*  Swarovski crystal bracelets, one of which is a gorgeous match for my 30" necklace of pear-shaped AB Swarovski beads.

I about fell off my chair.  "You can have them, Jean, or if you don't care for them, Deb can cut them up for bracelets..." said our dear friend.  "..don't care for them"???  I nearly had to do Lamaze breathing just to control myself! 

We've been on a quest to get old jewellery lately for Deb - and sometimes Jean! - to use in making bracelets and other jewellery (keep coming back for pics soon to be uploaded!), but this was no junk!  We love to get broken strands of things, out-of-fashion necklaces, old charm bracelets or charms and such...but Swarovski?!  Who could cut a gorgeous Swarovski bracelet?  Oh, no...this baby has come HOME! ;)

So I'm styling as I wrist sparkling as though it was wrapped in rainbows...  Thank you, Debbie!  You so totally rock it isn't even funny!  Mwah!

Update on Deb's computer which has made it tough for us lately re: Blogtalkradio.  Thanks to Deb's birthday coming and a gift from friend Jocy, she is having a rebuilt computer ready for pickup Friday!  Mwah to Jocy, too! ;)

Artwork today is from our Bright Spirit Etsy shop. 

Here's hoping that, regardless of the weather outside, you're having only sunny days! 

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