Thursday, August 12, 2010

Days of Our Snides

Today in NOTL:  At just about 3:30 p.m., we're at our high of 84F/29, but will cool to a very comfortable 75F/24C this evening.

Goodness, already 3:30 and I'm just getting to the blog!  It has been that kind of day, though.  I've been very busy making tiny artworks to turn into pendants.  When I say tiny, I mean 15x22 mm or about 1/2x1 inch watercolours.  I have always wanted to try abstracts but been too afraid to go for it.  I must say, though, working this small really gives you a 'What have I got to lose?' attitude!  So I've been playing with watercolour and having a fine time.  I'll upload some when they glaze dries.

Confession:  I watch a soap opera, Days of Our Lives.  What can I say, my grandma started me on this path when I was a teeny one being babysat!  There aren't all that many characters left that Grandma would remember, but it's too late, I'm fairly hooked.

Of course, as in all soaps I imagine, there re the sterling characters and the darker ones, the 'good' people and those who are less so.  Increasingly, though, I notice how really nasty the good people are toward the others.  Snarky, rude comments seem to be ok if you're a 'good' person, which sort of seems to be the way we like to see things:  I'm nice and you aren't, so I will be nasty as can be to you and it's ok because I'm nice and you aren't.

 Is it just me, or is there something wrong with that line of reasoning? 

Sadly, though, it's not just on soap operas but in real life, too, that we see this kind of thing.  I'm Roman Catholic, but I'm liberal and favour both married and female clergy (which apparently excommunicates me as well).  Occasionally I visit RC sites...people send me links to things and then I browse the site or whatever.

I remember someone posting a link on Facebook to 'ugly' chasuables and other church vestments.  The modern, stylized ones were considered ugly in the opinion of the site owner while the old-fashioned, ornate ones were beautiful.  I like both, personally. 

Anyway, viewers were invited to comment, and I began reading.  Good grief!  Not content with ridiculing the modern garments, viewers condemned the churches who would dare welcome modern vestments into their sanctuaries.  Surely those churches must be - gasp!!! - liberal and the scourge of all that is good and holy!!!!!

Some of the photographs and catalogue photos featured female clergy and models.  OMG, anathema!  The rude terms used to describe women who dared seek ordination were just - unspeakable.  The judgment heaped on ordained women - like myself, btw, an ordained deacon - was harsh and far uglier than the ugliest vestment shown.

Such malice...from 'good Catholics' no less!  I don't know, but if you can be that malicious toward people simply because they hold a different belief from your own, are you really a 'good' Catholic or even a good Christian?

But it seems to be the way society is tending - divison, us/them and whoever the 'we' happen to be...well, 'we' are the good guys and the others don't merit our consideration, compassion, or even basic courtesy. 

I don't know, maybe I'm naive, but that doesn't seem to be a very happy way to live. 

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