Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Terrific Tuesday!

Today in NOTL:   At 12:30 p.m., we're at our high of only 82F/27C - with a glorious 50% humidity.  What a lovely day!  Puffy white clouds overhead, but no rain expected til the weekend.  THIS is what summer is supposed to be!

Another busy day!  Deb has a wedding, and I'm busy making more mini-watercolours for pendants.  They are really mini, too, with the longer side 7/8 inch and the width 9/16ths of an inch (22x15 mm)!  So far I've painted 37 of these mini-artworks, but sadly I only had 30 of the mini-frames, so the rest will have to wait till I can get more. 

I'm surprised by how much time they take.  There isn't much to them, size-wise, so I thought I'd be knocking out a dozen a day, but no.  It takes about an hour each for painting and then applying thin coatings of glaze - and that's after cutting the paper to fit neatly within the frame.  I made a template to make it faster, but I end up spending a long time trimming hair's-width snippets off the sides and then checking the fit. 

Deborah watched me trimming and checking, then trimming more and checking again, etc., and shook her head.  "Jeannie, nobody is going to notice that; they'll be looking at the painting!" I dunno, though.  I just have to get it as right as I can.  Deb says I'm a perfectionist.  I know she means 'picky' though!  LOLOL 

As I work, the tv is often on in the background.  I've been chuckling over a breakfast sausage commercial lately.  I really love the fellow who plays the Sun.  'You're *all* awesome' he says, and I just smile.  It's his manner - it just takes me right back to the days I spent teaching in an elementary school.  It's that kindergarten voice, lol. 

In other news, Deborah saw a video on youtube of a person vacuuming her dog.  She's talked about it ever since, and finally gave it a try.  Mr. Murphy wasn't toooo sure about it at first but got the idea very quickly.  He loves it!  Go figure.  Now if we could just get the cat to enjoy it - !! 

Hope your day is going wonderfully well!  Art today is...more pendants!

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