Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yeah, yeah, it's Tuesday...

Today in Notl:   Overcast and hot today, with 10 a.m. temps at 79F/26C and humidity around 80%.  Muggy!  It'll warm up to 86F/30C, with continuing humidity - shades of a sauna!

Goodness, it was a busy weekend, and it didn't stop yesterday either.  It was a bit of a time crunch in the morning, with Deb rushing back from a meeting to do the morning Blogtalkradio show at 11.  She made it, just in the nick of time - I had signed in and was listening to the automatic produer counting the seconds to live while she was turning on her laptop and getting settled in her chair!  An aerobic moment, but it worked out well.  Our topic was personalities and types, and Deb is an expert on that, so it would be hard to get her flustered to the point that she couldn't discuss the MyersBriggs Personality Inventory types.

I'm a J on the MBPI, which stands for judging.  In MBPI, 'judging' means choosing and deciding, rather than being judgmental toward others.  J-types like to have things organized, like planning thing and following the plan, etc.  J-types use maps when traveling, for example, instead of 'finding their way.'  J-types like to be early for appointments and consider agreed-upon times and plans as rather inviolate.

I'm a J-type who is a bit technology-phobic.  I'm not actually afraid of technology, but I don't esp like it and am not comfortable with programs (like Blogtalkradio) with which I'm not really familiar. 

So yesterday morning was extremely aerobic for me and I think I'm just starting to relax now!!!  Whew, that was close.   I think I'll look at my relaxing scene and chant for a while! 

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