Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's Tuesday??

Today in NOTL:  A sunny day in Niagara, with 11ish temps just abut at our high of 81F/27C though the humidity is making it feel quite muggy out.  No rain forecast, though we had some lovely rain yesterday.

Sometimes I speak of watching the birds, and people sort of roll their eyes as though they are wondering what could be more boring.  I have to chuckle myself, though, because I can't imagine how watching them could be anything but fun. 

Today it's a fresh group of newly-fledged sparrows on the lawn.  They aren't too steady when they come in for a landing, and occasionally one will misjudge the space available and end up on another's back or, as yesterday, head.  Then, oh, what a flapping of wings! 

After a very busy week, today is a play day.  I'm to do art while Deborah makes bracelets.  We'll see, as so far the phone hasn't stopped ringing. 

Art for today is a new piece, geraniums.  I'm thinking about adding a leaf to the bottom right...not sure yet. 

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