Thursday, August 5, 2010

Today in NOTL:  At 11ish a.m., it's a bit hazy and warm, with temps 79F/24C and high (for us) humidity of 84%.  Thunderstorms are possible later, as it warms up to 86F/30C, but the humidity will drop to a comfortable level later.

Y'all know I love birds.  I love pretty much all of them - cardinals, jays, mockingbirds,chickadees, the sweet sparrows - you name it, if it's a bird, I probably love it.  I won't say that crows are my favourite birds, since I can't name only one favourite, but they are right up there.

So I was really excited to see a young blackbird visit the front lawn feeder last week.  What a beauty he is!  (I'm calling it 'he' since ... well, he acts like a 'he'!)  I was wondering whether he was a raven since I see him alone, but no: his call is that of a crow and not a raven. 

This morning I got up-close and personal with him, as he sat on the little veranda railing and gave my windows a thorough examination.  He flew away all too soon, but I'm wondering what will happen if I tie a loop of sparkly ribbon onto the railing.  Think he'll come to investigate?  I'll let you know! 

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