Monday, July 26, 2010

Birdseed and feeders and bells, oh my!

Today in Notl:  A gorgeous day!  At almost-10 a.m., we're looking at temps around 72F/22C, with a lovely breeze under blue skies.  It will warm up to 82F/28C, but with a low 58% humidity, it will be one of those gorgeous summer days we love.

We have really been enjoying the birds here at our Mary Street location.  There is a lovely fruit tree (crabapple?) in the front yard as well as a venerable tall old what-seems-to-be-an-ash tree with low hanging branches offering perfect perches for gangs of sparrows.  Because there is a hedge along the side and front of the yard, it's very private and the birds visit the feeder undisturbed, so we get in a lot of watching.

If you are a Facebook friend, you can see a few shots Deb took of the front bird feeder filled with sparrows - about a dozen at once!  It was very funny to watch them trying to find space as more and more birds came to join them.

This morning was a blogtalk radio show, and we are getting very frustrated with Blogtalk.  While it's true that we have older computers, blogtalk seems to have some issues of its own.  This morning, for example, we went through the show as usual, only to discover when we checked archive that for some reason, it quit taping in the middle of a sentence only 40 seconds into it! 

No red flags, no message flashing to say we'd been bumped or that there was a problem - it just quit!  Very frustrating to think that we were speaking to ourselves.  So, after breakfast, we'll have a do-over show...*crossing fingers*

Hope the only do-overs  for you are happy ones!  (Artwork today is in honour of the grey cat seen sleeping under a small evergreen in the yard.)

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