Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Already!

Today in NOTL:  At almost 4 p.m., it is a five-star day in Niagara with temps of 82F/28C under blues skies with a breath of a breeze. Temps will drop this evening to 70F/26C.  Lovely!

I can't believe it's nearly 4 p.m. - we haven't stopped all day today.  Finally I have a chance to sit and look out the window and enjoy the birds - but not all of them.

I'm a little miffed at the hummingbirds.  They came by a few days in a row to sneer at us for not having a hummer feeder.  Fine,  we put one up and filled it.  It has been nearly 3 days, and nothing!  Not a single bird!  We'll have to clean the feeder and re-fill it, hoping to see them soon.  Argh.

The sparrows, never disappoint.  They visit us in droves, great gangs of them, lining up ten or twelve on a branch, taking turns visiting the feeders.  The cardinal family and the blue jay family visit often, and the mourning doves have found us as well.  A surprise visitor is a young crow, on his lonesome, who comes by every day to check out the feeder and have a nosh.  It's a never-ending circus at the feeder!

Art today is one of a set of four handpainted bookmarks given to a friend who reads voraciously.

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