Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today in NOTL:  At 9:43 a.m. it's lovely out, with temps of 77F/25C and a gentle breeze.  Showers predicted for later today, but I am not getting my hopes up.

They say 'dumb animals,' meaning animals don't speak, and it's true enough they don't speak in English, but they sure do make their wishes known!

The cat yamps a meow at me, sounding very much like 'NOW!' and she certainly could use a bit more patience.

Mr. Murphy sits beside me when I eat, looking up at me and opening his mouth silently in a Law of Attraction bid to get a bite to enjoy.

And outside my window is a hanging bird feeder for the dear sparrows.  Each morning we put a cup of seed in it, and it's gone by early afternoon (much of it on the ground as they scatter the seed to get to the sunflower seeds).  I fret a bit when the birds visit an empty feeder, but they must keep to OUR schedule, not the other way round.  (Yet)

The feeder is under the covered stoop, and from that position the birds watch me at my chair as much as I watch them.  If I move too quickly to grab a paint brush, for example, the birds at the feeder scatter in alarm.

The other day, one of them stopped by too late, and the feeder was largely empty.  As I watched, fretting a bit, the bird turned its head and looked at me.  Then it took seed in its mouth and spit it out onto the ground.  And then, it turned its head and sat there looking at me as if to say, "WELL?"

We put out more seed.  'Dumb' but not stupid, eh?

Hope you and the birds out your way are having a fine day!  (And yes, the illustration is a small artwork by Jean!)

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LISA B said...

What a great piece! *applause* I love it!