Thursday, July 29, 2010

Definitely Deborah!!

Today in Notl:  At 11:30ish a.m. the temp is a delicious 70F/21C with a mild breeze under sunny blue skies.  A perfect summer day, and it only gets better as we warm up to our high of 75F/24C - with a comfy 65% humidity.  Ahhhh, what every summer day should be!

Deb has been busily working on her bracelets this week.  I am amazed by their beauty and wish I had had something like these to wear when I was teaching.

Back then, I used to coordinate all my jewellery to my outfit for the day.  LOL  It was a good thing my birthstone, the ruby, matches my favourite colour, red!  I'd have been in sad shape if my birthstone were a colour I cannot wear well, like yellow citrine or peridot green.

Luckily, though, I am a winter on the colour palette, so the ruby and sapphire tones work with my skin colouring.  I loved buying both fine and fashion jewellery and then coordinating each day.

Boy, though, if I had had Deb's bracelets to wear - !  With their beautiful mix of colours, they work with every skin tone and fashion.  What I really love about them, though, is their mix of stones and materials.

Every bracelet is like a prowl through a box of treasures.  Charms of one kind or another, vintage beads, semi-precious chips and stones, glittering crystals or rhinestones...I never tire of looking at her bracelets.

Normally, of course, we look at an item of jewellery and say, 'What a lovely pearl bracelet,' or whatever - and move on. Deb's bracelets receive far more than the casual glance and dismissal; they invite careful perusal and appreciation.  Her customers have told us they are often asked to remove their bracelets so people can admire them more closely, lol, and I can understand why.  Every beautiful bead and stone is chosen with care to play off one another.

A woman Deb met in a bead store said once, "Oh, these are quick work, I do them too."  And for that young woman, they are quick work: she lines up, say, red beads and white beads, then quickly alternates them onto string or wire.  She can knock off a bracelet in ten minutes, she says, and I think she can.   And she can take paint and throw it onto a canvas, too, but that doesn't make her Jackson Pollock!  LOL

No, Deb doesn't do assembly line work and her bracelets aren't quick crafts.  Each bracelet and charm is the result of care and thought as she combines various elements and chooses the ones which complement each other best.  Quality shows!

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