Saturday, July 24, 2010


Today in NotL:  After a VERY delightfully rainy period, it's now a lovely 79F/26C at 10:30 a.m. with slightly overcast skies and a breeze.  Rain forecast for this afternoon tapering off toward evening, and heating up to 82F/28C.  Another winner of a day!

Boy, it sure is easy to worry, isn't it?  There's so much to worry about!  Economy, the health of loved ones and friends, global warming, the oil spill, natural disasters...on and on the list goes. 

Here's a better way to handle worries:  Ignore 'em.  How insane does that sound?  Let me explain.

Instead of worrying about what might happen, do two things.  Find something in the here-and-now to enjoy and affirm the desired outcome. 

For example, say you are low on funds.  You know from experience that worrying doesn't help - if it did, you'd be rich, eh?  So instead, don't think about being low on funds or creditors or whatever.  Find something to enjoy - maybe sit out in the sun and watch the birds or take a walk or watch a movie or call a friend (don't talk abut unhappy things though!).  Find something good to enjoy. 

When you do, give yourself over to the pleasure of it and then affirm the positive.  "I've been in tough spots and always came out ok...I'm ok now and will be ok."  "Money comes easily to me in unexpected ways."  Use any affirmation that makes you feel good and expresses your happy result. 

If you are an optimist, you can see the value of this method.  If you are a pessimist, think of it this way: it may not bring you money, but at least you'll enjoy a few worry-free moments! 

Here's hoping all your days are worry free!

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