Friday, July 30, 2010


Today in Niagara-on-the-Lake:  Really, the weather here is glorious.  Today at 10 a.m., it's a delightful 68F/20C under blue skies with just a few clouds for contrast.  The day gets only better, warming up to a high of 73F/23C under partly cloudy skies. 

Last night we had a chuckle, I must admit.  As you know, we are offering two teleclasses, one on angels and the other on abundance.  Deb put a few listings online to get the word out. 

In comes an outraged email response, condemning us for charging for the workshop, thereby profiting off 'God's words' and the angels.  I am sure this person feels strongly that all things spiritual should be offered free of charge, presumably since 'God's words' are a gift. 

It's about this point that, if Dad were still alive, he'd say, "Think about what you just said.  Did you hear yourself?"  LOL 

And he'd be right to demand examination of that opinion, since by our friend's reasoning, Bibles should be free and Christian bookstores should give away all their products.  By her reasoning, what comes as gift from God should be freely given as gift from God - so I suppose Madonna shouldn't charge for concerts, and authors should write for nothing.  Athletes should play exhibition games in free venues, and architects and doctors and dentists... I'm sure you get the point.  Everything is a gift, from life and time to every skill and ability! 

This is the problem with fundamentalism, that people who espouse it fail to THINK - they simply buy whatever their preacher is selling, and that poor person probably has done the same.  Had our friend thought about it, she's realize that all preachers are supported by selling their work, their ministry, their books, etc.  Had our friend been familiar with scripture, she'd know that Jesus himself taught that the worker was worth his - or her - wage.

When we fail to think for ourselves, we give away our power to others.  Everyone is free to find the teachers whose words resonate within them and to regard other teachers as they choose, of course.  But when we stop thinking and choosing for ourselves, when we stop examining what others are saying and verifying whether those statements are true...well, that's when we get 'birthers' and tea parties. 

Law of Attraction says beat the drum of what you want, so I'm going to give thanks for a thoughtful, informed population of spiritually savvy light-workers!  Join me!

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